Gallery of Quilts

Some of these quilts are done by us, some by our clients.  All are beautiful!
(This is by no means an exhaustive listing.  Photos of clients' quilts are used with permission.)


Dogwood Quilt - original design by Becky featuring dogwood fabric and embroidery designs by Amazing Designs.

For 2018 Quilt Show 249.jpg
#053 You've Got To Start Somewhere by Ka

"You've Got to Start Somewhere" - original design by Karl, this is his first completed quilt. It has won multiple awards and is currently on tour with an exhibit sponsored by the Texas Quilt Museum.

Embroidered Quilt by client (closeup)


Client's Quilt

Custom quilting - ruler work

For 2018 Quilt Show 192.jpg
For 2018 Quilt Show 207.jpg

Flowers on a charity quilt

T-Shirt Quilt - one of the many

Cy-Fair Tshirt2.jpg