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Becky and Karl Burkett -- Portable Hugs Quilting.

Becky started quilting some 25+ years ago as a way to keep her sanity as a stay at home mom with 3 active kids!  After returning to the workforce, quilting was a hobby that she didn't get to indulge in nearly enough!  A decade later, leaving the corporate world behind, Becky made the comment to Karl that she thought having a longarm business might be fun sometime.  Next thing she knows, they are the proud owners of a Prodigy 2412 quilting machine!  And she was right - it is fun!

Karl has been quilting since about 2014 when he decided wanted a hobby that was inside where he could sit in the air conditioning!  (Classic car restoration and woodworking in the garage is just too hot in the summer in Texas!)  But jumping in with both feet and with the precision of the inborn engineer, he produced an unusual award winning quilt right out of the starting gate!